Friday 9 October 2020

NEC Multisync 1970NX display not centred, no controls to move it

I have a trusty NEC LCD1970NX 17" display which is in regular use with the domestic Linux workhorse, connected via the DVI interface.  Recently I've been building a Windows 10 machine, for occasional use, which will be connected to the same monitor; for a number of reasons the new machine will be connected via the VGA socket on the display: there's a handy "select source" button on the screen so I can switch between the two when necessary.

But when I brought the Windows system up, the display image was offset about 15mm to the right: quite unusable.  Worse, the "Menu" button on the display did not bring up the image-adjustment controls referred to in the manual: instead it offered only brightness/contrast adjustment.

The solution, admittedly a sledge-hammer-scale fix for what should be a nut-sized problem, was this:

  • On the Windows machine, install NEC's "NaViSet Administrator" application, a 200MB-odd download from NEC.  This is a tool for systems administrators, allowing them remote access to NEC displays and projectors across a network.
  • Also install the "DDC/CI WMI Provider" client on the same machine; this is the component that talks to NaViSet to provide the control functions.  Without it you get no information about the current state of the monitor, and can make no changes.
  • Fire up NaViSet, again on the same machine, add the PC to the network, navigate to it and find its display.
  • There is now a "Geometry" tab which allows modification of the image position on the screen.  For me the "Auto Setup" function did the trick.

Here's what the NaViSet window looks like:

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